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Permaculture School
Healing & Reconnection

San Gil, Colombia

We are a small group of people, within a worldwide network, helping to incubate an alternative way of living, a new consciousness for this world. We have seen the disconnection between humans and its environment (its universe, its nature) and have experience the consequences of this disconnection. In AKASHA, we decided we don’t want to change the world, we are just trying to change the way we perceive things. We are wondering what would happen if we dare to think and act differently.

We have chosen Permaculture as our vehicle to hatch our dream of a new consciousness and we want you to be part of this.

We are located 25 minutes away from the city of San Gil. We are next to astonishing waterfalls, rivers and forest. San Gil area is well known not only for its inspiring landscapes and beautiful towns, but also for being the epicenter of outdoors and adrenaline-rush activities of Colombia.

Come to visit us… be part of the Adventure and the journey to a new consciousness.

Akasha Permacultura Colombia
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